WoW:”Legion” developer Q&A & interviews summary

The WoW developers did a Q&A Stream at Gamescom today. Here’s a little summary of what they revealed along with info we got from several reporters who did interviews with the developers.

  • Classes: There will be several changes to the Hunter class. Marksmanship Hunters will stay the go-to ranged hunter spec, but they will fight without a pet, as opposed to the Beast Mastery Hunters. Survival Hunters will turn into a spec that fights at melee range but with a pet. There will be pretty big changes to Warlocks and Priests aswell.
  • Demon Hunters: The WoW devs revealed, that the Demon Hunters were planned since Wrath Of The Lich King, but didn’t fit in any expansion until this one. Demon Hunters will, as we already know, be a melee class that wears leather. The tank spec will probably focus on parry and dodge mechanics to mitigate damage. Demon Hunters will be using glaives, a new type of weapon that will be added for Legion. Just like the Death Knights, Demon Hunters will possibly be starting a few levels down, in the case of Legion between 95-100.
  • Items: We will not be looting weapons in Legion. The Artifacts might have some sort of “charge up” mechanic, so you start at a less powerful weapon but as you play through the content you will be able to upgrade your weapon, eventually until it turns into a legendary weapon. There will be no way to catch up faster on an artifact on an alt, but they are planning to make it easier to catch up when you’ve changed your spec. Earning artifacts will involve specific quests depending on your class and spec. You will be able to transmog artifacts into other weapons, but not the other way around. For upgrading your artifact, bosses and quests will give us relics, which work like sockets where you can upgrade your artifact weapon. The relics will mostly determine the artifact’s base stats and item level.
  • Class Halls:  We won’t be spending as much time in Class Halls as we did in Garrisons. The main purpose will be to complete a limited amount of quests and work on your artifact weapons.
  • PVP will be changed. For example, there won’t be a conquest system anymore, although you will still be able to get PVP gear.
  • As for flying, you will not be able to fly at the start of the expansion. Before gaining the ability to fly, you’re going to have to explore the land and level up first.
  • The Legion cinematic is not completed yet and there’s no specific release date, but it will be in 2016, with a beta starting later this year. The next expansion after Legion is already being planned, Blizzard really wants to start releasing expansions faster than before. Aside from all the stuff that’s been announced, the devs said WoW players will get a lot of surprises in Legion.

For a more detailed coverage, head to mmo-champion

If you haven’t caught up on the main announcements and the “World Of Warcraft: Legion” reveal yet, there’s a nice blog post i did about the announcement. => Legion Announcement

What do you think about the expansion so far? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section!

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