Kingdom Hearts 3 & Kingdom Hearts Unchained X at D23?

As I talked about last week, Kingdom Hearts will be showed at this year’s D23, which is set to be held August 14-16. Over the past weeks there have been many speculations about what content actually will be presented. As the two most relevant upcoming Kingdom Hearts releases, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will most likely be the main topics.

What can we expect from the presentations? Well, a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans are speculating we might get a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. Knowing Square Enix’s history with this game, this seems kind of a stretch. It’s not entirely impossible though! Most likely they will show some gameplay and reveal further information, possibly about returning characters and worlds.

Just last week, Kingdom Hearts game designer Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 is nearly finished. According to Nomura, core mechanics and storylines for the game are completed, which means they are mostly working on putting on finishing touches and working on the game’s HD graphics. Two worlds that are confirmed to be included in KH3 are Tangled and Hercules. So far, we do not know a lot more about the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, although we do know that Pride Land and Halloween Town won’t be making a return. Instead of having a lot of worlds come back, Square Enix clearly wants to include mostly new content. It’s been 10 years since Kingdom Hearts 2, so there are a lot of new Disney movies that would fit to Kingdom Hearts. Personally, I expect Frozen and Star Wars to make an appearance. Big Hero 6 and Brave are also two new franchises that could very well be included. But hopefully, we will know more about this after D23!

As for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game, scheduled to come out September in Japan. KH Unchained X is currently said to be in development for a NA and Europe release, although we have no specific dates yet. It is very possible that Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will be shown at D23, possibly a game trailer, maybe even some hints about its release? We will see.

KH Unchained X is said to be set before the Keyblade War, so in terms of the Kingdom Hearts timeline that would be even long before Birth By Sleep (which is in it self already a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series).

Read these translations from goldscanner for some further information

Become stronger along with your Keyblade!

Keyblades have several slots open. The setup involves filling them with medals to open the possibility to use attacks and strong abilities. Also, strengthen the Keyblade and you will gain benefits that connect to your fighting power, such as increasing the number of slots. You can’t skip this element of gameplay if you want to overcome battles.

Unleash the medal abilities in battle!
In the battles in this title, you can unleash the techniques of the medals on your Keyblade one after another simply by tapping or holding the screen. Fulfil the requirements, and by holding and flicking the medal in the bottom left of the screen, you can set off powerful abilities such as the ones shown here. If you use a technique with an attribute that is effective against the enemy’s attribute there will be even more of an impact.

Stay tuned for more info to come after D23!

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