Review: Loreen – I’m In It With You

After releasing a rather surprising song with “Paperlights” earlier this year, Loreen has finally released the second single off her upcoming album (scheduled to be released late 2015). Paperlights was awesome as it was quite different from what she has released before. Not only in terms of its music, but also in terms of how she decided to use her vocals on the track by using mainly head voice. “I’m In It With You” is something that could be on “Heal” (her first studio album, and for me one of the best albums released in 2012). But no, it is not a Heal left over, nor does it sound like it. In fact, it probably sounds more epic than any of her previous singles.

“I’m in it With You” is an emotional ballad where Loreen can show off her voice quite a bit. The song is extremely strong in terms of lyrics and production too. It was co-written and produced by Kiesa Ellestad (aka. Kiesza) , Simen M Eriksrud and Espen Berg, so the same people who produced “Everytime” on Heal, and I can definitely hear some similarities! The song starts out with a solid beat and a kind of dark sounding instrumental in the background, immediately setting the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics are composed in a way that make the song tell an entire story. “You took a shot, it took you down, But not a single drop of blood fell, It hit your heart, it took you out, And left you bleeding in a dry spell”. The lyrics are actually quite interesting and that story-telling format makes the listener really pay attention to what she’s singing, which is always a good thing.

The song then continues with a pre-chorus that is used to build up the tension. In order to do that, they not only used the production and the instrumental, but mostly Loreen’s vocals. In fact, I remember when Loreen was promoting “Euphoria”, she talked about how right before the chorus her voice opens up and gets louder, and how that’s a way to make the listener pay attention to what’s coming in the chorus. That is exactly what she’s doing here. By using her voice as a “tool”, Loreen shows just how much of an artist she is. “And if you ever fall I’ll lift you up, If you lose your way I’ll pave you one, I’m in it with you, I’m in it with you” , Loreen sings in the chorus.  This chorus truly showcases Loreen’s incredible power in her voice and her ability to connect to the listener by transferring emotions really well. The way she delivers those lyrics in such a shattering power make the song feel really anthemic, which is why it gets stuck in your head quite easily.

The second verse then goes back to where the first verse left off. “It took a blade, it went in deep, And it was tearing up inside you, Must’ve been sharper underneath, Cause there were scars I couldn’t undo”. Again, there’s that kind of suppressive feeling that comes along with those lyrics. I still get shivers and goosebumps. By the time the second chorus comes along you’re probably already singing or humming along to the melody. They added some nice adlibs and some further elements to the instrumental in the last chorus so it can end on a high.

A few years ago, when Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria” to be exact, no one really expected her to ever create a song better than that. But oh boy, Loreen comes incredibly close with this single! “I’m In It With You” is definitely her second best single to date. If I had to rate it, it’d be a 10/10. The song is actually quite stunning. Loreen’s perfect vocal delivery and the great production and lyrics really elevate this song to another level. Probably the best thing about this song is that lyrics, vocals and production work so well together. Not only is it an incredibly artistic song, but it also seems like a song that would appeal to the Pop audience. Is it enough to give her another hit in Europe? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned that doesn’t really matter when you release one of the best (if not the best) ballads of the year so far. She just pulls it off perfectly and if Loreen keeps going like that, she might be able to create an album even better than “Heal” (arguably the best album released in 2012).

What did you think of “I’m In It With You”? Please let me know in the comment section below! If you have any requests for reviews you can write that down in a comment or hit me up on twitter @DawleyGaming or write an email at  and i will try to take your requests into consideration!

(As there is no official audio on Youtube yet, I’m going to link a video from an un-official channel; you can also stream it on spotify!)

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