Big Hero 6 announced for Kingdom Hearts 3 & more from D23 expo!

As posted a few days ago, it was reported that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be shown at the D23 Disney Expo in Anaheim, California. Kingdom Hearts 3 was officially announced at E3 2013 and further teased these past two years. It is currently in development for a possible 2016 release for PS4 and XBox One. The panel that included Kingdom Hearts was held today (Sunday). Square Enix executive producer Shinji Hashimoto was the one who was present and made the announcements.

They announced the inclusion of Big Hero 6 as its own world in Kingdom Hearts 3. That means we now have 3 confirmed worlds: Big Hero 6, Tangled and Hercules.

Here’s the picture they showed during the presentation


Shinji Hashimoto also revealed that in Kingdom Hearts 3, every keyblade will have various transformations. They also added that the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise has sold over 21 million copies worldwide.

Though those were the only announcements made, Square Enix and Disney are likely to keep the hype train going, so we can hopefully expect more news in the near future.

Although I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get any gameplay trailers, let alone release date announcements, I’m glad Big Hero 6 will be added to the game, as that will be a very interesting world to explore.

What are your thoughts on Big Hero 6 making it in KH3? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 announced for Kingdom Hearts 3 & more from D23 expo!

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