Face Off: Black Magic vs Worth It

Two of the biggest current girl groups are both scoring worldwide hits at the moment. Some people seem to think there’s only room for one girl group at the same time, but really, they both delivered quite good music with their latest singles which is why I’m launching this discussion. There will be a poll below, where you can vote for your favorite and make sure to comment on this post aswell.

After his break up with Little Mix-member Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik has taken it to twitter to create some controversy by retweeting a tweet saying “Which is the better single? Retweet – ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony. Favorite – ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix.” (Link). By “shading” his ex-girlfriend with this retweet, Zayn has created a lot of discussions surrounding the two girl groups. This is really what inspired me to write this comparison

Little Mix, an english girl group that won the UK X Factor in 2011, released the lead single for their upcoming third studio album a few months ago. “Black Magic” is supposed to serve as a first taste of their next album “Get Weird”, to be released November 6th. With Black Magic, Little Mix return to a sound that resembles the music they made in their first era (“DNA”). Black Magic is pure pop. It’s upbeat and fun, kind of funky and incredibly catchy. The song also shows how good their voices blend in together. Little Mix also co-wrote the song like they do with most of their music. Overall it’s an incredibly good song, but I do feel like it does not really stand out in a lot of ways, as it sounds a lot like many other girl group songs before that. That being said, Black Magic is possibly still one of the best pop singles this year.  Black Magic stayed #1 in the UK for three consecutive weeks, becoming the first single by a girl group to do so since Sugababes’s “About You Now”. It’s also currently soaring up the US charts, gaining decent airplay from Top 40 mainstream stations.

Fifth Harmony are a girl group that came from the US X Factor 2012. They only placed third, but went on to be the biggest success story the X Factor USA has had in its three season run. Some of their singles have been on the verge of becoming decent successes, but they have never truly made it. That is until they released “Worth It” as the third single off their album “Reflection”. Worth It is an empowering anthem and probably their catchiest single to date. The song features trumpets and saxophones mainly in the chorus, making it sound kind of similar to “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo. The song was produced by Stargate and Ori Kaplan (who also produced Talk Dirty). It is also worth to note that, despite being one of the better singers of Fifth Harmony, Lauren didn’t get any lines in the song whatsoever. The verses mostly consist of Dinah and Normani with always-present Camila singing the chorus. Even though it is hard to include all the members, Little Mix has shown that it is possible. The song seems empowering on the surface, it has this double meaning in a more sexual way, which feels kind of odd considering their fanbase consists of mostly kids and teenagers. But it has opened some doors for them, as this single is way more accessible to the average radio audience than what they did before.  Worth It has become their most successful single, debuting on the Hot 100 US chart back in February and then going on to peak at #12 in July.

Which song do you prever? Vote for your favorite below and tell me in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Face Off: Black Magic vs Worth It

  1. Lauren was snubbed. They only use her booty in the live performances and I mean it literally she only shakes her booty during Kid Ink’s verses ;(


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