Music Monday #2: Demi Lovato, Little Mix vs Fifth Harmony, Lana Del Rey, Loreen & more!

Music Monday is a series where I will introcuce and review new songs, albums and artists, songs that are gaining a lot of popularity, or songs that I’m currently obsessed with. Today I will talk about the reviews I did last week and other honorable mentions in the pop music scene.

Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer

“Cool For The Summer” is the the lead single of Demi Lovato’s upcoming 5th album, and her first single released under her new record labels. It is also her first song to be produced by Max Martin, one of Pop music’s biggest producers. Its Pop/Rock elements make the song a well balanced song that is certainly one of Demi Lovato’s best singles. In fact, she’s probably never had a single sound this impressive in terms of production alone. Lyrically the song is actually quite suggestive, with playful lyrics such as the “taste for the cherry” part. Overall, this is probably Demi’s most accessible lead single to date, and arguably her best one, although the “summer” theme is quite overused in Pop music.

Read the full Cool For The Summer Review here : Review: Cool For The Summer

Face Off: Little Mix vs Fifth Harmony

The first face off of several to come. In “Face Off” I compare two current pop songs that are related to each other in some way or another, plus with including a poll making it quite easy for fans to share their thoughts on the topic aswell. This week was about two of the biggest current girl groups that are both scoring worldwide hits at the moment.

Little Mix, an english girl group that won the UK X Factor in 2011, released the lead single for their upcoming third studio album a few months ago. “Black Magic” is supposed to serve as a first taste of their next album “Get Weird”, to be released November 6th. Black Magic is pure pop, upbeat, fun and catchy. Black Magic stayed #1 in the UK for three consecutive weeks, becoming the first single by a girl group to do so since Sugababes’s “About You Now”. It’s also currently soaring up the US charts, gaining decent airplay from Top 40 mainstream stations.

On the other Hand we have Fifth Harmony, a girl group that came from the US X Factor. Worth It, the third single off 5H’s studio album “Reflection”,  is an empowering anthem and probably their catchiest single to date.  It has become their most successful single, debuting on the Hot 100 US chart back in February and then going on to peak at #12 in July.

Check out the full Face Off here

Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach

“High By The Beach” is the lead single for Lana Del Rey’s third studio album “Honeymoon”, expected to be released in September. High By The Beach is a synth-driven song with slight hip hop and trap influences. There’s quite some production on Lana’s vocals throughout most of the song, mostly through vocal layering and harmonies. Even so, Lana’s airy and calming vocals make sure that for no second you forget that this is a Lana Del Rey song. With this haunting and enticing sound, Lana has managed to make an incredibly edgy song that has the ability to appeal to almost anyone, no matter what genres they listen to. All of this happens while Lana still stays true to her signature sound, which is really impressive.

Full review here : Review: Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach

Loreen – I’m In It With You

After releasing a rather surprising song with “Paperlights” earlier this year, Loreen has finally released the second single off her upcoming album (scheduled to be released late 2015). “I’m in it With You” is an emotional ballad where Loreen can show off her voice quite a bit. The song is extremely strong in terms of lyrics and production too.A few years ago, when Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria” to be exact, no one really expected her to ever create a song better than that. But oh boy, Loreen comes incredibly close with this single! “I’m In It With You” is definitely her second best single to date. he song is actually quite stunning. Loreen’s perfect vocal delivery and the great production and lyrics really elevate this song to another level.

Full Review: Loreen I’m In It With You

Leona Lewis – Thunder

“Thunder” is technically the third single off Leona’s new album “I Am”, which is scheduled to be released September 11th. But really, it’s the first single from the album that officially released as an US single. The song is mostly mid-tempo and focuses on an instrumental with mostly piano and strings. Of course, Leona’s vocals are a pretty big element in this song too. Thunder is uplifting and fun, it reminds quite a bit of Emeli Sandé’s “Next To Me”. Leona released the music video last friday.

Jojo Tringle Release!

I am EXTREMELY excited for this. After not having a proper album release since 2006, JoJo is finally back! With all label issues sorted out and joining new label Atlantic, she is finally able to release music again. And she’s in it for quite a surprise this time. Last week it was announced that JoJo would actually do a “Tringle” release, which is the release of three singles at the same time. The titles are supposed to be “When Love Hurts”, “Say Love” and “Save My Soul” and will be coming out this coming Friday! Stay tuned for a review as soon as they get released.

That’s it for this week’s Music Monday. Make sure to comment with your wishes and suggestions for possible reviews or other topics!

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