Review: Nick Jonas – Levels

Last year Nick Jonas’ solo career really took off with his big hit “Jealous”. Ever since the release of his album it’s become clear that the youngest of ex-band Jonas Brothers would not leave the Pop Music scene anytime soon. His last album already started on a high with “Chains”, which is probably one of his best tracks  so far. Even though it didn’t go on to be a success (at first), he came back strong with Jealous, which ended up becoming an iHeart Radio “On The Verge” song. Jealous peaked in the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 with sales of over 2 Million. With his new gained success, his team re-released “Chains” with a pretty decent success.

At first, Nick Jonas was expected to release a song called “Under You” (produced by Max Martin), which he performed at an iHeartRadio event, but apparently they changed plans and went on to release “Levels” as the lead single for his third studio album.

“Levels” is a kind of funky, disco influenced pop song. It sounds like a perfect club song, in fact it sounds like a mix between 80’s disco and current pop music. Nick Jonas’ vocals on the track are quite nice, he shows off a rather impressive vocal range. It was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me”) along with The Monsters And The Strangerz (who also produced Austin Mahone’s newest single “Dirty Work”, which sounds surprisingly similar to Levels). The song was definitely made for Pop radio, but it has a quite nice mix of different sounds so it doesn’t sound generic.

“Levels” is not as good as Chains or even Jealous, but it’s definitely up there somewhere. I would say it’s a good pop song with the potential to be a nice hit for Nick. The song is also more of a grower as it gets better the more you listen to it. And as far as I’m concerned, Levels is just the warm up to the real smash to come “Under You”. Stay tuned for Nick Jonas to make his debut performance of this song at the VMA pre-show on August 30th!

Did you like Levels? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. If you have any requests for reviews that you think i should make you can comment there too!

11 thoughts on “Review: Nick Jonas – Levels

  1. Omg yes I love Chains so much and Jealous is great but it gets old. Haven’t heard Levels yet so I will take your words for it and assume it’s so good 😛


  2. Dun curr enough foh Dick Jonas to listen to Levels + ain’t no don’t got time foh pre-shows, sorry Dick. ❤️ Jealous and Chains tho!

    Btw hi Sahoe!


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