Face Off: Drag Me Down vs She’s Kinda Hot

The two reigning teen-pop boybands/groups. Pre-mature Punk/Pop vs sort of semi-adult Pop? But which teen act delivered the better single?

She’s Kinda Hot – 5 Seconds Of Summer

She’s Kinda Hot is pretty much the standard single for “Aussie” Punk Pop band 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS). She’s Kinda Hot was in fact co-written by some members of 5SOS but more importantly in collaboration with Benji Madden and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. That this single sounds like a Good Charlotte song tailored for teens is therefore not very surprising. Even though 5SOS are technically not a boy band but more of a Punk/Pop Group, the majority of their fans are teens and kids, but it is impressive that they have managed to stick with their sound. But with songs like She’s Kinda Hot it also doesn’t seem like they’re trying to get away from their boyband image. The song’s biggest weakness are its lyrics.

My girlfriend’s bitchin’ ’cause I always sleep in, She’s always screamin’ when she’s calling her friend, She’s kinda hot though, Yeah, she’s kinda hot though”

But even then, the song is catchy and perfectly fitting for their core audience. 5SOS are also the only Group to really pull off this teen-Punk Pop thing, and it’s working for them. She’s Kinda Hot is good, in fact probably their best song, but it still has a lot of flaws – which is okay, there’s always room for improvement.

Drag Me Down – One Direction

“Drag Me Down” is the lead single to One Direction’s fifth album. As the first single without Zayn Malik, this song is supposed to introduce a new era for One Direction, not only in terms of the band itself but also musically. Drag Me Down tries to get away from their previous teen Pop/Rock sound. The song is all about a nice bass line, catchy hooks and melodies and a good pop production. As a matter of fact, Drag Me Down is nearly pure pop and more mature than most of their previous singles. Instead of singing about pre-teenage love stories they sing something that sounds a bit like a self-empowerment anthem. It’s also a thank you to their fans that stayed with them for all these years (even now that the band has undergone a rather drastic change).

All my life you stood by me, When no one else was ever behind me, All these lights, they can’t blind me, With your love nobody can drag me down

Even though Drag Me Down is somewhat predictable in its sound, it’s something new for One Direction and I believe they’re on the right path. Also, i personally think it’s their best single so far and it sounds more accessible to the general music listener and not just the teen girls.

Face Off:

The real question though is which is the better song? What song do YOU prefer? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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