Music Monday #3; JoJo’s Tringle Release, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction vs 5 Seconds Of Summer

Music Monday is a series where I will introcuce and review new songs, albums and artists, songs that are gaining a lot of popularity, or songs that I’m currently obsessed with. I will talk about the reviews I did the previous week and other honorable mentions in the pop music scene.

JoJo – Tringle Release ; When Love Hurts, Save My Soul, Say Love

After not having a proper album release since 2006, JoJo is finally back! After years of legal issues with her old label Blackground Records, JoJo is finally releasing new music. All these years of being held back, scrapping album and single releases, not being able to put out any music whatsoever are finally coming to an end. JoJo is now signed to Atlantic Records, and she’s coming back with a big bang!

JoJo not only came back with one song, but with three. This “Tringle” release was announced a few years ago through JoJo’s twitter. When Love Hurts, the official lead single for JoJo’s album “III.“, which is scheduled to be released this fall, is a Pop banger quite unlike anything she has released before. Save My Soul is a dark Pop/RnB ballad that puts the focus on JoJo’s emotions (the song is about her growing up with two alcoholic parents). Say Love is a mid-tempo ballad, and possibly one of the best songs she has ever done. All of these songs are really strong in their own way. If you’re interested in hearing more, i did a longer review of each track last friday. Here’s the review: JoJo Tringle Review


Nick Jonas – Levels

Last year Nick Jonas’ solo career really took off with his big hit “Jealous”. Ever since the release of his album it’s become clear that the youngest of ex-band Jonas Brothers would not leave the Pop Music scene anytime soon. “Levels” is a kind of funky, disco influenced pop song. It sounds like a perfect club song, in fact it sounds like a mix between 80’s disco and current pop music. Nick Jonas’ vocals on the track are quite nice, he shows off a rather impressive vocal range. While not as good as “Chains”, Levels is arguably close to Jealous and one of his best songs. Nick will also perform Levels at the VMA pre-show on August 30th. Here’s my full review of the song: Review: Nick Jonas – Levels

Kelly Clarkson covers Cool For The Summer

At her concert in Los Angeles, Kelly Clarkson surprised the fans with a Cool For The Summer cover. She performed it in a quite awesome acoustic version. Kelly is known for doing new covers on almost every concert as part of a “Fan Request” series.

This version is definitely focusing more on the acoustic side and Kelly’s vocals, which were obviously perfect.

Face Off: 1D vs 5SOS

The two reigning teen-pop boybands/groups. Pre-mature Punk/Pop vs sort of semi-adult Pop? But which teen act delivered the better single? Check out the reviews of She’s Kinda Hot and Drag Me Down here: Face Off: 1D vs 5SOS

Also make sure on the poll that is included at the bottom of the post!

Stay tuned for a review of Austin Mahone’s Dirty Work and my next full-album review of Halsey’s BADLANDS to be posted in a few days!

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