Review: Austin Mahone – Dirty Work

Before you click away just from reading Austin Mahone’s name consider this: Dirty Work is NOT the typical teen star-Justin Bieber Pop.

Dirty Work is the lead single for Teen Pop-boy Austin Mahone’s first full length studio album. Austin was discovered from Youtube a few years ago and has been trying to establish himself in the Pop Music scene for a few years now. At first a glance he might seem like a Justin Bieber wannabe, but he actually has much more in store than that. He previously experimented with different sounds like old-school boyband 90’s Pop (What About Love) and EDM influenced Pop (Mmm Yeah), which were his most notable single releases. But even with 13 Million likes on Facebook and a pretty big teen following, he has not been able to score a proper hit, even though What About Love should have been his real breakout. Mmm Yeah on the other hand is really not that interesting musically, and Pitbull being featured on the song doesn’t really help either.

But on to the good stuff. Dirty Work is an 80’s disco influenced pop song. In terms of production, the track offers a nice beat with different synths here and there, some saxophones in the chorus and even some guitars thrown in as part of the background music. Its mixture of different sounds is actually quite interesting and impressive. Even though it’s a Pop song, it still has a quite distinct sound. Although, i do have to add at this point that Nick Jonas’ new single Levels (Levels Review) sounds a lot like Dirty Work. Which is not that surprising since they share some of the same producers. Dirty Work was, like Levels, produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz. Other than that, the song can stand on its own quite well. Yes, it’s a Pop song and it has a lot of familiar elements, but the fact that there are a lot of different sounds incorporated differentiates Dirty Work from a lot of other forgettable Pop songs.

The vocal production reminds me of the one on What About Love (his best song to date), as it features different layers of production throughout a big part of the song, even though it was a lot more distinct on What About Love. This vocal layering sounds surprisingly well on Austin and it could become a signature thing for him. Lyrically the song isn’t extremely interesting, the lyrics are just like there, but thankfully the good production overshadows that completely.

Dirty Work is not as good as What About Love, but it’s his second best single so far. Even though it might not do well on the charts, it’s actually a really good single for Austin Mahone and I think he’s gonna be able to surprise a few people with this one. Here’s to hoping his album will follow suit!

What did you think of Dirty Work? Also, what is YOUR favorite Austin Mahone single? Comment below!

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