New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer to be released at D23 Japan

Not even two weeks after the slightly disappointing D23 in California, Kingdom Hearts 3 fans might just get back up on the hype train again! A few months ago Square Enix started to hype Kingdom Hearts 3 via media outlets and presentation at various events. After we got a first official trailer at E3 2015, it was believed that Square Enix is likely going to announce the release date at D23 California and if not then at least give the fans a gameplay trailer. None of this happened however, which left fans a bit disappointed. Although we did get the introduction of a new world in the KH3 universe with Big Hero 6 being added to the game (Dawley Gaming reported last week). Apparently the story will take place after the movie and the villains in KH3 are going to use the power of magic to turn Baymax evil and, possibly, into a heartless.

On top of that, they revealed that the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise has sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. With Big Hero 6 being added to Tangled and Hercules/Coliseum, KH3 now has 3 confirmed worlds. Frozen and Star Wars worlds are not officially announced yet, however they are very likely to be added to the game. Instead, Square Enix game developers have talked about the possibility of fery ved old worlds making it to Kingdom Hearts 3, also confirming that Pride Lands and Halloween Town for sure won’t be included.

But now Square Enix is seemingly trying to keep up the hype for the third big installment of the huge video game franchise Kingdom Hearts.  As IGN reports, Square Enix will debut brand new footage from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 at D23 Expo in Japan. The event will take place in November and according to reports there will be a talkshow sort of panel with a lot of special guests. The footage is reportedly going to be actual gameplay action footage in the form of a game trailer. There is also rumors going around of a possible release date announcement at D23 Japan, but November is still more than two months away so things can change quickly.

Until then, let’s just enjoy the trailer we got at E3 2015

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