VMA Performers: Who delivered the best show?

The MTV Video Music Awards are not always about the awards. Most of the times the show is about the red carpet and the performers. This year they offered quite a variety of performers and tons of surprise guests! But who was the highlight of the night and what artists just didn’t get it right? Here’s my breakdown of the MTV VMA performers 2015.

Twenty One Pilots & A$AP Rocky

Twenty One Pilots and A$AP joined forces for a VMA performance. They sang a mix of different songs that were somehow supposed to mash together. However, the songs didn’t even fit at all and the interludes were terrible. The performance was quite energetic though, that drummer saved them from completely failing.


Miley Cyrus

Miley closed out the show as a surprise performer. Not only almost the entire performance was blurred out because she kept swearing, but it was also incredibly tacky. That also includes the song by the way, those lyrics… But at least she was a good host that night!


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The “Can’t Hold Us” singers performed their new single Downtown at this year’s VMAs, in which they sort of re-created the music video for the song. They had different appearances, some choreography and their usual rapping. The performance was good, but easily the most forgettable performance of the evening.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki opened the main show with a bang. Her performance of “Trini Dem Girls” featured numerous dancers and different dance routines. As expected, Nicki’s vocals were pretty shaky, even when her voice was supported by a loud backing track. Maybe she would’ve been better off just lip syncing the actual singing parts to be honest. She did good on the raps though!
As a little surprise she brought out Taylor for “The Night Is Still Young” and Taylor actually performed a bit of Bad Blood at the end. After Taylor and Nicki having a little beef on social media this was really surprising, but shows how very few we actually see of these artists on the internet is actually real and not staged. But i’m not completely surprised, this is totally something Taylor keeps doing ever since she became a Pop doll. The Bad Blood 20 seconds performance was totally out of place and unneeded, sorry Taylor.


Justin Bieber

The Biebz performed his new single What Do You Mean and the song from Skrillex he’s featured on What Do You Mean. What? I mean Where Are You Now… The performance involved nice choreography, but maybe he would have been better off dancing a little less because his vocals suffered considerably. He also incorporated the Skrillex single, which was incredibly confusing. I honestly didn’t even realize he performed two songs until I re-watched the performance. But overall definitely not a terrible performance.


Pharrell Williams

Pharrell also performed on the outside stage. The “Happy” singer did “Freedom”, his newest single, in a really energetic and uplifting performance. While the stage also involved some dancers and other elements, they were only needed to not make it seem awkward with Pharrell just standing there and singing to a crowd. But then again, he probably could’ve pulled it off anyway. Really solid performance.


Walk The Moon (Pre-show)

Walk The Moon performed their smash hit “Shut Up And Dance” and their new single “Different Colors” in a pretty convincing fashion. Although the performance could’ve been at any given Walk The Moon concert, they used live instruments as one of the only acts to do so, which I definitely appreciate! Vocally they did really good too.  Overall, a really fun performance, although it just lacked something “new” and surprising to make it stand out.


The Weeknd

The Weeknd performed his smash single “Can’t Feel My Face” off his album that got released just last friday. I actually did a review on that so you can check it out here.

The performance was pretty uneventful at the start and The Weeknd’s vocals were a little off at times, but he improved as the song went on. During the last chorus they used some nice pyrotechnics, setting the stage on fire! Overall a pretty good performance, but definitely not perfect and it could have been better.


Nick Jonas (Pre-Show)

Nick performed his new single “Levels”. The performance was quite nice and involved some dancing and strutting down the carpet and  probably about a million confettis. His vocals were A+ too. He actually shows off a pretty nice range on Levels, showing off some head voice aswell! If you haven’t heard the song yet you can check out my Levels Review.


Demi Lovato

Demi took it to the stage outside to perform Cool For The Summer. She began her performance in a beach chair, then moving on to doing some minimal choreography here and there while male and female dancers did their thing behind her. Her vocals weren’t perfect at all, she was quite shaky during the verses, but overall she did really good and delivered her high notes like she always does. What the performance did really well is show off her new confidence she gained, which is extremely refreshing to see considering the struggles she had in her life. She pulled off the sexy dancing quite well actually and the pool party theme is perfect for the song!

As a little surprise Iggy Azalea popped out after the second chorus. She did her rap thing (even though you couldn’t really understand her anyway), then Demi and Iggy danced together and Iggy left the stage again. For the finale Demi hopped on an inflatable boat and let’s just say there was tons of confetti involved. Overall probably the most memorable performance of the night, as it was such a different setting from everything else.


Tori Kelly

Tori performed Should’ve Been Us in an amazing uptempo Rock version. She first started singing the song with just her own guitar playing along, but thankfully they took it up a notch after a while. I’m glad they did, otherwise she would’ve got lost between all the other perforers. The whole feel of the performance was surprisingly energetic for Tori Kelly. Besides having live instruments contribute to the quality of the performance, Tori’s vocals were top! She had a few shaky moments throughout the performance, but delivered the best vocals of the entire evening. Even though Demi delivered a really good performance, in terms of live vocals and music Tori wins!


What performer did you enjoy the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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