Review: Zara Larsson – Lush Life & Uncover

Another swedish Pop artist delivering amazing music? What a surprise! (*sarcasm off*). Sweden has always been one of the forerunners when it comes to pop music. Whether it be Sweden dominating the Eurovision Song Contest or just simply swedish singers, songwriters and producers taking over the Pop world (see: Tove Lo, Icona Pop, Loreen, Max Martin, etc.), there’s just something about Sweden’s pop culture that is so amazing.


Zara Larsson is one of Sweden’s new upcoming success stories. Zara won the swedish “Got Talent”, signed a record deal and started releasing music in the form of an EP in 2013. Her debut album “1” came out in 2014 and she took Sweden and Norway by storm with its debut single “Uncover”, which went on to be 6x platinum in Sweden and also scoring other platinum cerfications in northern Europe. Uncover also saw a resurgence in Europe early 2015, peaking in the top 10 in countries like Switzerland and France.

“Lush Life” is Zara’s new lead single for her upcoming second album and it has already hit the top 10 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and of course Sweden. With Zara hopefully getting a big smash hit in europe, I decided it was time for you guys to get to know her a bit. This is why i decided to make a review of her two biggest singles so far. One being Uncover off her first album and the other, Lush Life.

Lush Life

Lush Life is a fun, upbeat and sort of electronic Pop song. I can honestly say it’s been a long time since i’ve heard a song as catchy and unique as this. As the title suggests, the song is about having fun and enjoying the good things about life. “I live my day as if it was the last, live my day as if there was no past, doin’ it all night all summer, doing it the way i wanna”, Zara sings during the hook of the song.

Lush Life starts out with very few elements but picks up in pace rather quickly. There’s some hand clapping involved in almost all of the song. The song is mostly electronic, but you can also hear a piano and some guitar play in certain parts of the song. Even though Zara sounds a bit like Rihanna in Lush Life her vocals are quite distinct and easily recognizable. The song was produced by Emanuel Abrahamsson, Linnea Södahl, Iman Hultén, Markus Sepehrmanesh, Christoph Bauss and Fridolin Walcher, which i’m guessing are mostly swedish songwriters/producers.

Lush Life is already a track with a great production, but the light and summery lyrics and Zara’s vocals being able to carry those emotions easily just elevate this song to another level.


Uncover is a powerful pop ballad that is built around a piano arrangement with strings and a double bass setting a nice ambiance. The song was written by Marcus Sepehrmanesh, Robert Habolin and Gavin Jones and it was produced by Robert Habolin. “Put two and together, forever will never change, Two and together will never change, Nobody sees, nobody knows, We are a secret, can’t be exposed, That’s how it is, that’s how it goes, Far from the others, close to each other, That’s when we uncover, cover, cover, That’s when we uncover, cover, cover” Uncover is about people who love you, but they can’t show it. But once you’re far from the others and close to each other they can uncover their love for you.

The biggest strengths the song has are Zara’s incredibly powerful vocals and the exceptional production. For me personally piano ballads will always be the best and most emotional ballads. The way the piano and the strings work together is incredible and with Zara’s vocals delivering an overwhelming amount of emotion the song really gains an important element.

Based off of those two songs alone, I really do think Zara should be the next big thing in pop music. She’s been seeing some nice success in Europe but honestly, she totally deserves to go all the way and make it in America too. I’m so rooting for her! You can probably watch out for an album review here on DawleyGaming once her second album comes out.

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