Review: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

After years of controversies and a downhill path that was seemingly unstoppable, Justin Bieber has officially made his comeback. Up until early 2015, it felt like the general public and the media has definitely considered Justin’s career to be over for the most part. Justin Bieber’s downfall started in 2013 with Justin being rude to paparazzi and thus making them his enemies and other things such as leaked videos of Justin being gross (yeah we won’t get into that now…) and finally being arrested (several times). His career was in a downward spiral and it just kept getting worse. Not only that, but it seemed like he lost all fan support aswell, but I mean let’s be real, who wants to support someone with that attitude anyway? Thankfully he has collected the broken pieces and put himself back together.

Sometime early 2015 he released “Where Are U Now” as a collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo. With lyrics like “Where are you now that I need you” and “When you broke down I didn’t leave you” Justin did show a lot of vulnerability through the song. Even though it didn’t catch on that quickly, people eventually came to the realization that this does indeed feel real and honest. What started as a rather uninteresting chart success later became what Where Are U Now is today: A decent hit that re-introduced Justin to radio and music listeners and basically paved the way for his true comeback.


Well, it’s here, he is indeed back. With “What Do You Mean” Justin made quite the bang on the charts already. Despite many doubters (including me, gotta be honest..) he seems to have gained back his fanbases support and judging from how well it’s doing it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna have any trouble continuing with a super successful career. But on to the song. What Do You Mean is a very light, electronic based Pop song. I consider it as a “light” song because it mostly uses quiet and soft elements in the production, but also “WDYM” doesn’t have one of those huge pop choruses that we hear so often in mainstream songs. What Do You Mean is actually leaned towards Tropical dance pop, and also, am I the only one hearing the similarity between this and OMI’s Cheerleader? Anyway, the lightness of the song is also supported by the simple lyrics and therefore it’s only appropriate for Justin to not power through the entire song vocally. In fact, he sounds younger for some reason, I can’t forget the similarities between this and “Baby”… Lyrically the song is about a relationship in which the girl apparently isn’t able to make a decision.

The song actually has lots of interesting elements in the instrumental, such as those “synth flutes”, the ticking noise in the background and a steady but light beat. It definitely offers more in terms of production than it does lyrically and vocally, because to be fair the lyrics feel really dry and meaningless. As someone who’s not exactly a Bieber fan, I was not expecting to like the song. And i didn’t – at first. Which is why this review is also really late, as i didn’t wanna make a review about a song i didn’t like. Now that we’re a few weeks into the song’s release I can definitely say it has grown on me. The song is a nice effort and overall a solid pop song, its production is really great and nearly overshadows the song’s weaknesses. But i really don’t think this song is as memorable as he was hoping for it to be. It still feels like the normal Justin Bieber single to me.

What’s your opinion on What Do You Mean? Please comment in the sections below.

4 thoughts on “Review: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

  1. Wait a second, I came to drag him but I listened to the song and it actually sounds nice ffffffffs bye. The lyrics are indeed weak but the beat is catchy 🌚


  2. Garbage, recycled Where Are U Now mess… sorry Bieber but Boyfriend, ALAYLM, BABT and even WAUN>
    Still better than 1D and I would be happy for him if he didn’t block Demi.


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