Review: Selena Gomez – Same Old Love

It’s here! After a rather surprising single choice by releasing a powerful and amazing ballad with “Good For You”, Selena Gomez is on to her next single “Same Old Love”. Good For You was a great success, peaking at #6 on Billboard while staying in the top 10 for a few consecutive weeks. It was clear Selena is taking a different route from her normal EDM album. With “Revival”, Selena wants to show she does more than just sing uninspired songs that don’t sound personal to her. Revival is scheduled to come out on October 9th!


Same Old Love was written by Benjamin Levin (Benny Blanco) , Charlotte Aitchison (Charli XCX) , Ross Golan, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen. The song starts with a simple piano arrangement with snaps, which is what we’re gonna hear for the rest of the song as it’s pretty much looped over and over again. Same Old Love is mid-tempo, it very much follows Good For You as being slightly RnB/Electronic inspired. The beat is pretty subtle but really interesting and it makes the song feel a bit more uptempo than it is, which is good. I actually think this could be the best instrumental she has ever had. It’s simple and different from what she has done before and still really catchy. However, there’s one big issue with the song. It does not sound like a Selena Gomez song at all. Because it sounds different for her musically? No, that would actually be no problem at all. But because the song was probably written with Charli XCX in mind and therefore sounds like something she would put on her album. Not only is the production similar to something she would do, but also the vocals. Selena basically sounds like Charli in most parts of the song, and Charli XCX is even featured in the chorus as a background voice which supports this impression even more. Over time this impression might diminish, as we will grow to like the song and her voice on it.

The other problem the song has is that it feels like they looped the verse and chorus and played those over and over again. That makes it feel extremely repetitive and 2 minutes into the song we have pretty much heard the full song already. With an instrumental as good as this, you need to have a good melody to support that but that gets overshadowed by the instrumental easily on Same Old Love. The effect this has on the listener is that the song itself starts becoming not as memorable as it could be. The chorus is a little bit catchy, but it feels more like a pre-chorus and not like a full chorus at all. In fact, the full song sort of sounds unfinished? While the piano arrangement is super awesome and the vocals do feel polished, it feels like there’s many elements still missing. The lyrics are good though and feature some really nice lines like “You can’t believe, still can’t believe it, you left in peace, left me in pieces, too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees right now”. Instrumental and lyrics also work really well together with the rhythm of the melody, so this is really nice. The song seems to be about a past troubled relationship.

Selena not really sounding like herself on this song might become a problem for her when she wants to sing this song live. Selena needs to be careful to mostly sing what’s in her comfort zone. However, the song is still prefectly fine for Selena, all she needs to do is try and look for a way to make it her own when she does sing it live. We can also applaud her for trying something else and trying to sound different!

Overall, Same Old Love is good but not as good as I was hoping. But then again, another EDM/Dance song probably wouldn’t have been as interesting as Same Old Love either. There’s just a few elements holding it back (like it being repetitive and the strong Charli XCX influence, mediocre melodies), but there’s also many good elements (instrumental, lyrics). At the end of the day, people will be pleased with it. It’s probably the kind of song that will grow on you aswell. While it’s not as good as Good For You, Same Old Love seems like a good further introduction to her new album “Revival”. With this song she has definitely proven that she’s not just a EDM/Dance singer and she can pull off other genres aswell.

4 thoughts on “Review: Selena Gomez – Same Old Love

  1. The entire chorus is all Charli XCX- hardly “backing” vocals- she is very clearly singing the entire hook with Gomez contributing very little, just the nearly spoken line “same old love”… Very obvious, strange nobody calls her out for pretending to actually sing it. I bet Charli XCX got a nice check hahaha…


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