Review: JoJo – F*ck Apologies (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

10 years after her last album “The High Road”, Pop/RnB singer JoJo  has announced the release of her new album “Mad Love”.

Scheduled for a release on October 14th, “Mad Love” is the first official full album release for the singer/songwriter in an entire decade. After being held back from releasing any music by her old label Blackground Records and following lawsuits, resulting in JoJo’s release from the label, the 25 year old vocalist has officially gained control over her career again. Though JoJo has had a few minor releases like singles, EPs and mixtapes, “Mad Love” marks her first proper album release since “The High Road” and also her first album release under her new label Atlantic Records.

Last year, JoJo released three new singles (also known as “Tringle”) as a re-introduction to the music business. You guys can check out the reviews for Pop/EDM banger “When Love Hurts” and ballads “Say Love” and “Save Your Soul” here .

Along with an announcement about the release of “Mad Love”, JoJo has also dropped the album’s lead single “F*ck Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa.


The song is basically what you’d expect coming from JoJo: Pop/RnB that is sassy (but not too sassy), catchy and though there are no outstanding vocal acrobatics it still puts JoJo’s top notch vocals in the spotlight. The verses are mainly based on a guitar and snaps in the background, which contribute considerably to the song’s convincing sassy attitude. Most memorable line: “What you want from me, I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it. Fuck Apologies, I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it”. The chorus is quite catchy and probably the part of the song you will have stuck in your head the most.

Overall, “Fuck Apologies” feels familiar, yet still fresh. While JoJo has experimented with quite a variety of genres like EDM and Pop/Rock, this Pop/RnB approach seems to be where JoJo feels at home. The song is a great comeback and a very solid lead single and definitely sparks some interest and anticipation for “Mad Love”.  JoJo is back y’all!



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